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After 25 years experience, we asked, “What must occur to establish a standard of PDR proficiency and quality for dealerships?” Simple. Create a consistent, organized, accepted method that profits dealers and incentivizes technicians.


Xactadent Services leverages brand strength and existing infrastructure to support dealerships and automotive service centers through a streamlined profit center. Xactadent is a liability-free, fully automated reporting, billing, and technician supported program.


Xactadent is a labor-time calculation software for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Currently, in beta-testing, our proprietary algorithm is a cloud-based web application designed to work on the iOS platform for iPad and iPad mini. You can use your devices or ours.


Xactadent lets you apply your shop rate to our time-based labor calculator.* It’s easy to use, doesn’t require PDR training, and calculates non-hail damage such as door dings, creases, and protrusions as well as hail damage. We provide training and tools to your service advisors, allowing you to add PDR to existing services. Your PDR techs can be enrolled as contract agents to develop your PDR brand, or we can provide one. No additional space or customer service agents are required.

Fully automated billing and reporting.

Service centers

Service advisors can offer estimates for noticed damage to customers. If approved, a PDR tech is assigned, and upon repair’s completion, tech marks the job completed on Xactadent. An invoice is generated and notifies the cashier to process the P.O.

This triggers the payment, via the dealer’s credit card on file, to be processed for the invoice, leaving the profit share with the dealer. Upon receipt, our system pays the service advisor and technicians based on their rate-per-hour for the job.

Dependable, skilled technicians.


PDR Techs have all levels of skill and speed. The more proficient, the more attractive Xactadent becomes. Skilled techs make fewer mistakes, reduce liability, and earn more in less time just as mechanics have for decades.

A 5-hour Xactadent estimated repair pays the tech on 5 hours even when it takes only 30 minutes. Likewise, dealerships are paid for 5 hours. This is why “labor is king” for service centers. Our program has the ability to finally standardize the labor rate for techs.

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