The Dealership Advantage

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in the U.S. began in the 1980’s. Today, many consumers are aware of the service and PDR is available from body shops, franchises, and independent owner/operator technicians.

And although many Automotive Dealerships offer PDR through one of the above examples or employ proficient technicians, few have systems in place that maximize efficiency and profits.

Dealerships are the perfect environment for Paintless Dent Repair because they’re well established as the trusted source for automotive service. They benefit from having certified mechanics, utilizing OEM parts, and reliable warranties that provide a sense of security to consumers.

Why dealerships are the natural environment for PDR:

  • Highly Profitable
  • Customers Already on Service Drive
  • Universally Accepted Repair Technique
  • Regularly Utilized Service at Dealerships
  • Stable Environment & Permanent Repair Record

The Dealership Advantage

In development for three years, XactaDent is available today and leverages technology to provide dealerships a program that simultaneously increases service center profitability while reducing liability.

Our Proprietary System is Comprised of Two-Parts:

  • XactaDent App – An iOS-based labor-time calculator that guide service advisors for creating estimates
  • XactaDent Back Office – Web-based multiplatform system including personnel and data management,  PDR payment processing, PDR tech pool
XactaDent Dealer Revenue Calculator (Estimate Example)
Determine potential additional revenue by
entering your data below.
Number of Service Drive Vehicles / Month2700Entered by Dealer
% of Vehicles Repaired0.07Assumed Value
PDR Repair Hours / Vehicle (Assumed)3.5Assumed Value
Shop Rate$100.00Entered by Dealer
# of Vehicles Repaired / Month189Calculated (% of Vehicles Repaired x # of Vehickes / Month)
PDR Repair Hours / Month661.5Calculated (PDR Repair Hours / Vehicle x # of Vehicles repaired)
Dealer Gross / Month$66,150.00Calculated (PDR Reapir Hours / Month x Shop Rate)
Dealer Net / Month (25% of Gross)$16,537.5Calcualted ( 25% x Dealer Gross / Month)

For Dealerships

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For Technicians

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